Torquer Lifting Solutions


Torquer Lifting Solutions designs innovative equipment that improves the safety and efficiency of lifting operations. The team at Torquer has identified hazards associated with lifting operations. Accidents like crushed bones, slips, falls, or worse can result from workers being near heavy crane loads to control orientation with tag lines, poles, or direct physical contact. Then, it creates equipment, like HALO (Hands-free Autonomous Load Orientation), designed to provide hands-free lifting solutions using leading-edge technology to enhance efficiency.

Crane lifting operations also present risks to workers’ safety when moving, swinging, or dropped objects can injure those working near the load. At Torquer, our commitment to innovation and making lifting safer and more efficient is never-ending. This is demonstrated in our constant improvements to the HALO, and the invention of the SPEAR (Self Positioning Elevate And Release) hook is a new hands-free crane load release system. SPEAR is an automatic mechanical catch and release lifting and crane hook that will improve lifting time and increase safety in any lifting operation.

Torquer is just getting started.  More to come!


hands-free crane
HALO crane load control

The Torquer HALO hands-free crane load control system lets the operator control the moving crane load from a safe distance. HALO’s remote control works from up to 3,000 feet away. Operators have the flexibility to control the suspended load from outside of the “FALL ZONE.” This reduces the risk of injury due to a falling object or getting hit by the suspended load. 

HALO allows operators to stand away from the heavy moving load. This is especially important if the operators could be pinched or trapped between the load and an obstacle. Operators control and rotate the suspended crane load using a remote control. 

Keeping Operators Safe