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TGO Technologies, Inc.

TGO Technologies, Inc. manufactures ChlorTainer the safest and most reliable technology available to prevent a chemical release. Located within Sonoma County in the Northern California area, TGO Technologies developed secondary containment vessels for gas and liquid chemicals in 1-ton and 150-lb cylinders, installed at various sites throughout the United States and worldwide. ChlorTainer Total Containment System keeps operators safe when handling cylinders of toxic chemicals. It is a high-pressure containment vessel that provides failsafe protection for operators and the environment. 

TGO Technologies provides 24-hour assistance in the event your facility has a failed chemical cylinder within ChlorTainer. We build ChlorTainer secondary containment vessels to ASME code, which means they can handle the maximum pressure produced by a failed cylinder. ChlorTainer is an ideal safety solution wherever gas or liquid chemicals are used.

ChlorTainer vessels are Made In America using US Steel. 

Keeping Operators Safe. Protecting Our Communities.

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Ton ChlorTainer

Ideal secondary containment for large-volume users of toxic gas or liquid chemicals. Chlorine, anhydrous ammonia, and sulfur dioxide such as municipal water treatment plants.

Single 150 ChlorTainer

The single 150 is commonly used in conjunction with a Ton ChlorTainer. This provides constant chemical feeding while replacing the empty ton cylinder.

Twin 150 ChlorTainer

Accommodates two standard 150 lb. cylinders of chemical. This provides the capacity to feed 300 lbs. of chemical at a time.

Dual 150 ChlorTainer

Once one cylinder is empty, it will automatically switch to the second full cylinder. The ChlorTainer tilts back to a 45-degree angle for processing. All of our 150 ChlorTainers come with a tilt switch for added safety. This ensures an operator can never lower the vessel while in process which could damage the vacuum regular should liquid get inside.

ChlorTainer Systems are flexible in design and can be tailored to fit the specific needs of the facility. They may be installed at indoor or outdoor sites. All come with a 2-bolt chain drive closure, a scale, and a loader system. 

Keeping Operators Safe