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ChlorTainer is an ideal safety solution wherever gas or liquid chemicals are used. Water & wastewater, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, petrochemical & refineries, to name a few.  

Keeping Operators Safe. Protecting Our Communities and the Environment.

Torquer Lifting Solutions HALO (Hands-free Autonomous Load Orientation), rotates crane loads by remote control — no tag lines, no gyros, no poles, no workers near the moving crane load. 

Torquer HALO hands-free crane load rotation system
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About ChlorTainer

ChlorTainer, a leader in the field of secondary containment vessels designed to process and prevent chlorine gas, sulfur dioxide and anhydrous ammonia leaks. An industrial manufacturer, ChlorTainer has years of experience in municipal, petrochemical, and other industries. 


ChlorTainer offers the safest technology for chemical processing and leak mitigation

If your organization uses large amounts of gas or liquid chemicals you know that they must be stored and handled with utmost care.

ChlorTainer is a high-pressure containment vessel into which a 1-ton or a 150-lb cylinder is processed. If the cylinder should leak, the gas or liquid is contained within the sealed vessel and processed at a normal rate. All of the chemical is used, and no hazardous waste is generated. No scrubber systems, fans, pumps, tanks, or mechanical systems are required.

All of our vessels are built to ASME code and can easily withstand the maximum pressure produced by a failed cylinder. Industry experts widely recognize ChlorTainer as the safest technology for processing with toxic chemicals and leak mitigation.

Our Products

Whether you need a 1-Ton or 150, ChlorTainer has a variety of products to meet your needs.
Ton ChlorTainer

Ideal for large-volume users of chlorine, anhydrous ammonia, and sulfur dioxide such as municipal water treatment plants.

Single 150 ChlorTainer

The single 150 is commonly used in conjunction with a Ton ChlorTainer. This provides constant chlorination while replacing the empty ton cylinder. The site remains below the threshold for RMP requirements since they only have 2,150 lbs. on-site.

Twin 150 ChlorTainer

Accommodates two standard 150 lb. cylinders of chemical. This provides the capacity to feed 300 lbs. of chemical at a time.

Dual 150 ChlorTainer

Once one cylinder is empty, it will automatically switch to the second full cylinder. The ChlorTainer tilts back to a 45-degree angle for processing. All of our 150 ChlorTainers come with a tilt switch for added safety. This ensures an operator can never lower the vessel while in process which could damage the vacuum regular should liquid get inside.

Each ChlorTainer comes with a 2-bolt chain-drive closure, a scale system, and a movable loader.

Benefits of ChlorTainer

Keeps Operators Safe and Protects Our Communities

ChlorTainer provides fail-safe protection for plant operators. It is the only system that reduces the worst-case, off-site release of toxic gas or liquid by 97%. Ends the need to handle chemicals in a confined space and eliminates HazMat occupancy classification for indoor sites. Now operators no longer need to work in an enclosed room like with wet or dry scrubber technology.

Easily Load And Unload Cylinders

Makes loading and unloading chemical cylinders simple and easy. The cylinder is placed on the loader and simply rolled into ChlorTainer. Once the cylinder is empty, you pull it out. We can install a winch on the back side of the loader for easy removal of empty cylinders.

Minimal Maintenance

ChlorTainer is defined as passive for RMP purposes and is intended to be used as a process system. In fact, our technology provides safe, dependable, and trouble-free operation with minimal maintenance. Annual maintenance takes about one hour and costs about $200.

Simple and Cost Effective Operation

Most installations can be done by operators with the help of an electrician. Easy, low-cost operation because the system is so simple and dependable. The passive nature of ChlorTainer ensures that there isn’t an opportunity for mechanical failure. That means that there is no need for back-up power, additional fans, pumps, tanks, mechanical devices or caustic chemicals.

Enhances Chemical Security

Restricts unauthorized access to chemical cylinders. As a result, the likelihood of either malicious or accidental tampering with the cylinder supply valves is greatly reduced and chemical security enhanced. ChlorTainer can be connected to SCADA or other remote monitoring devices.

Various Gas and Liquid Chemicals

Provides process safety and containment for gas or liquid chemicals like chlorine gas, sulfur dioxide, anhydrous ammonia, and more.

Product Overview

Our story began in the North Sea when an increase in offshore ac­cidents involving workers impacted by moving crane loads forced a search for safer load control. Torquer invented the HALO to keep workers away from moving crane loads. As a result, they created something that offers better control than legacy tag lines or physical contact.

The HALO is a remote-controlled, no-touch crane load control system. At a safe distance and without any contact, operators can precisely control rotation with a simple hand-held controller. Rotation starts, stops, and reversals are easy and quick. Whether it’s a simple twist to set the load in the right spot or a steady hold against the wind, the HALO offers excellent control.

Each HALO works by accelerating water through a marine thruster. As the water swirls within the central round tank, the thruster and HALO body moves in the opposite direction. Torque generation is virtually instant. There are no gyroscopes to spin up or any suitable rpm to achieve before using.

Here at JMc Industrial Products & Services, the Torquer HALO is available for lease. We are currently offering a free rental for up to 60-days for our HALO – 1600, which can manage loads up to 20 tons. Units can be modified and scaled to suit specific customer applications.

We’re currently offering a free rental for up to 60-days of the Torquer Lifting Solutions HALO-1600, which can manage 20-ton loads. Contact us today to find out more about the Torquer HALO rental program.  
Here’s an amazing video showing coordination between a crane operator and a first-time Torquer HALO operator who successfully “flies” an 8′ x 4′, 4-ton load through a NCCCO Practical Exam Zig-Zag corridor on the very first try.
Crane load control has never been safer or easier. During a simple 6-ton lift demonstration, we just tossed the controls to our client and let them try the HALO-1600. Easy start, stop, and reverse to position the load exactly where it needs to be. No tag lines. Workers safely at a distance.